Lord, thank you for your word. Thank you for your promises, that are always “yes” and “Amen”, to your glory. Thank you for your love, which is shed abroad in my heart, and for the shed blood of Jesus, for your Holy Spirit who leads and guides into all truth. Who comforts and encourages us. Who convicts of sin and convinces of righteousness. Thank you for your grace and mercy, and your joy (which is my strength). Help me to treat others as you would, to help and encourage. To esteem others more highly than myself. To not grow weary in well doing, but to persevere and press on in doing good. Strengthen my feeble knees, and fan the flames in my heart. Help me to be bold in my testimony, in my profession of faith. Help me to be humble and teachable. I choose to run the race with patience, not turning to the right or the left, but to fix my face like flint, to keep my eyes on the prize (Jesus), and to stand against all the works of the evil one. I choose to not only defend myself and those around me from the enemy, but to be on the offensive, to attack, to go into the enemies camp and take back what he has stolen. I choose to put off the former ways of the world and my flesh and to put on the robes of righteousness that you gave me through the death and resurrection of your son. I take on life and health and a sound mind. I accept and receive all the blessings you have prepared for me, before the foundation of the world. I choose you, Jesus, again, as my Lord and King. I choose the Kingdom of love and light, and renounce the kingdom of lies and darkness. I choose you, Lord, as my Father, because you first chose me. I thank you for coming humbly to this earth, to experience what we do, as a man. For giving up the your kingly robes and crown, for taking up the role of a servant. I thank you that after fulfilling all that was needful to purchase my redemption, you took back your crown and rule and reign as my King.

Book Review for “Daylight in Blossom” Christian Fiction

Another good Christian fiction story from Scott McElhaney. They are always .99 on amazon Kindle version. A girl with a troubled past. Her cousin who is her ‘superhero’ and some mystery. A great read. Simple writing style. Sound characters. Loved it. Will continue to read more from this author. I give “Daylight in Blossom” five stars.

Book Review for “Rethana’s Trial” Book Two of the Lightwalker Series-Fantasy

I really enjoyed reading book one of this series, “Rethana’s Surrender.” A great fantasy with a new language, strong characters and a great story line. Book two, “Rethana’s Trial” was even better! Great author, and great story. Will definitely be reading more by this author. I can recommend this book to teens and up. I give it a solid 5 stars. Well done.

Jesus My Everything

Jesus, I thank you for your shed blood.
When I needed redemption, you were the Sacrifice in my place.
Jesus, I thank you for your love.
When I was unloved and lonely, you were the Lover of my soul.
You were the bridegroom and your Father chose me as your bride.
Jesus, I thank you for your strength.
When I was weak and weary, you were the Mighty Warrior King,
Captain of the host of heaven, and you rescued me.
Jesus, I thank you for your Word.
When I was lost and living in darkness, you were the Light that brightened my day and enlightened my future.
Jesus, I thank you for your peace.
When I was tossed on every wave, you stilled the storm and calmed my heart.
Jesus, I thank you for your forgiveness.
When I stumbled and fell, you picked me up, and were a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
Jesus, I thank you for your gentleness.
When I came to you broken and bent, you were the Master Potter who remade me into a vessel of honor.