Book Review for “The Return of the Guardian King” Series- Christian/fantasy

About the books: “Book 1 of Legends of the Guardian King which follows the life of Abramm Kalladorne in his turbulent search for truth and self–a search that will transform him from a sickly, head-in-the-clouds youth to a legendary hero of strength and courage. Set in a world of swords and cloaks, of glittering palaces and mystical temples, of galley ships and ancient, mist-bound cities, his journey illustrates how God pursues and how He uses suffering to mold His children into something greater than was ever thought possible.”

My review: The whole series is great! “Light of Edion”, the first book, I read years ago. I don’t remember thinking it was so great, but I had just read Hancock’s “Arena” and it was a totally different genre (Sci-fi, which I loved). So I re-read the first one again, and just loved it. I borrowed the next two from the library and ended up purchasing the forth from Amazon, because I had to know the end! Great writing, and it goes to prove that an author isn’t stuck in one genre. Hancock has written two Sci-fi (Arena and Enclave), both were great, and this epic fantasy of four books, Light of Edion, Shadow Within, Shadow Over Kiriath, and Return of the Guardian King. I hate to say good bye to the characters. However, like Lord of the Rings, or the Narnia series, I will probably be reading these again. My rating is 5/5 stars. There is no swearing, implied sexual content, between married couples, there is some violence. I can recommend for teens and up.





Book Review for “The Field”- Christian Fiction/Allegory


What it’s about:

“Three women are lured into a forbidden field by a charming prospector and the promise of buried treasure. Hava, in doing the prospector’s bidding, inadvertantly unleashes a battle in the Kingdom, and the consequences of her actions leave her guilt-ridden and isolated. Delilah, daughter of an influential Kingdom ambassador, uses her philosophical wit to recruit treasure hunters to her own cause. Lilly, ever a loner, seizes the opportunity to do something meaningful and be recognized for it. Through their respective encounters with the Field, Hava, Delilah, and Lilly take up their roles in the age-old battle between the King and those who oppose him in ways none of them had planned.”

My Review:

I was given a copy of “The Field” in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, I loved this book! One of the best Christian allegories I have ever had the privilege of reading. It tells the story of the ultimate battle, the one for our souls. It clearly portrays our enemy, the Deceiver, and the love of the King. I give it five stars and will definitely be looking for more from this author. No swearing or sexual content, there is violence, but nothing explicit. Good for teens and up.


Book Review for “The Land’s Whisper”- Fiction/Fantasy


I was given a copy of “The Land’s Whisper” in exchange for an honest review. This is a very well written fantasy. At first some of the language and names had me a little confused, however after a bit of reading I was able to work out what was meant. (in example measurements of miles and time were given fiction names). After finishing the kindle version I found the definitions in the back, so that might be a good place to start. The main characters are flawed and fleshed out. The story had me crying and laughing, and some places just plain cringing. There is no swearing or sexual content. There is torture and violence. It is after all a story of good versus evil. I give it five stars and can’t wait until the next book is out. Though it is part of a series, it has a clear ending. I give it five stars. I loved it.

Book Review for “Goddess Tithe”- YA Christian Fantasy



Short little book that goes along with the “Goldstone Wood” series. It is officially 5.5 in the set. Great Christian fantasy, this one had some illustrations and I think would be good for younger ages as well. I give it five stars. Loved it. No swearing or sexual content, good for ages 12 and up. I highly recommend the whole series! Great allegory.

Book Reviews for “Crazy Love”-Christian non-fiction, “Recipe Hacker”- recipe book, “Ex Patriot”- Dystopian Fiction

I am catching up on several books I read over the Thanksgiving week.


I really liked Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love.” I don’t know anything about the author, other than he has a bunch of video’s on YouTube, but I so enjoyed this book. It challenges us to be Christians who walk in crazy love, who take risks, forget about all the things that most Americans are striving for and to live for God. It challenges us to help others in small ways and in crazy ways, to be led by the Holy Spirit in our service to God, not our level of comfort. I can recommend for Jr. High and up. I give it 4 stars.


I was given a copy of “Recipe Hacker” by the author in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this cookbook. It is filled with healthy recipes that contain no refined sugar, gluten, grains, or dairy. Though I don’t feel the need to follow this strict of a diet, I do believe in all things in moderation and a healthy balance. This book is great for the person like me, who wants to cut out part of the fatty, sugar filled foods, and add in more healthy alternatives, or for the person with gluten, or dairy intolerances. I give it 5 stars. The recipes are simple enough, and there are full color pictures for each dish. The author also includes some personal stories and healthy eating tips throughout. I love that she even included cinnamon rolls! This would make a great gift for a recipe book lover, or someone with restricted diets.


Expatriate is the last book in the “Forager” series. I read them all and loved the books. I was given the first two by the author and enjoyed them so much, I purchased this last one. A great YA dystopian series. There is no swearing and the only sexual contents is implied. There is fighting and violence in the stories. At this point in time, societies have built up in different ways in different walled cities. Our two main characters are trying to bring the truth to light about what is happening and what has happened by city officials. Though this series is done, I will definitely be reading more by this author. I can recommend for ages 14 and up.

Book Review for “The Mystery of Hurtleberry House”-Christian Mystery

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This was a great Christian mystery. Not preachy, good clean fun. I will be reading the rest of the series. Reminds me of the mysteries I read as a kid. Easy reading, good writing, and just plain fun. I give it 4 stars, I really liked it. Good for teens and up

Book Review for “Red River”- YA Dystopian


I was given a copy of “Red River” by the author, Kelly Van Hull, in exchange for an honest review. I have to first say that I love YA dystopian. They don’t seem to be quite as dark as adult dystopian, and these books by Kelly do not disappoint. I enjoyed both “Tent City” and this second book as well. I can recommend them for ages Jr. High and up. Good fiction writing, the main characters are teens and Kelly represents them well. The characters are well rounded. The setting is in the Bad Lands. A religious fanatic is in charge of the US and things are going downhill fast. A group of people are trying to stay alive in remote country. There are enough twists in the plot to keep you on your toes. I read this almost straight through. No swearing, the only sexual content is implied, there is fighting. I give it five stars. I loved the series. Red River finishes up (I think), the story line. I am looking forward to what else will be coming from this author