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I’ve always loved the written word. I enjoy writing almost as much as reading. My tastes run from science fiction and fantacy, steempunk and westerns, to historical and romance. The only genre I don’t read, ever, is horror. Life is scary enough, why add to that? My all time favorite stories are fairy tales! Especially ones that have been re-written for adults. Now that my children are now grown, I have started to write again. The ideas are coming faster than my fingers and brain can keep up with. I live in Wisconsin with my husband ofВ thirty years. We have raised three children of our own and had others in our home off and on over the years, through fostering and just helping those that we ‘adopted’. I haveВ eight grandchildren and a spoiled rat terrior/jack russel, Buddy. Though I plan on writing some chritian fiction, I am first of all a christian, I do plan on writing some that are purely for entertainment without any kind of message. My goal is to make some characters come alive and to provide a small place of escape for my readers.

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  1. colleen says:

    Hello Jodi, I am a followerer of your blog. I am just stopping by to let you know that I am changing my address. Yiu can find me now at http://www.Godspowerinyou.com. It is in progress, so please be patience with me. Thanks.

  2. Fairy tales can’t be beat!

  3. Jodi, it seems that we both share a passion for writing. About a year ago I started my blog as an effort to regain my confidence in writing and sharing my thoughts with others. So we are symbolic sisters sharing the same aspirations so I look forward to following your journey. God Bless, Allie.

    • jodiwoody says:

      Thanks Allie. I love writing! But life seems to just get away from me. Now with trying to keep up the blog and promote my books on social media, things are hectic and busy. I have decided the secret is to trust God and He’ll bring it to pass. Thanks for the follow.
      God Bless you too!

  4. Hey! You signed up for a giveaway on my blog and your the winner! Please let me know how to contact you or if you could shoot me an email at theunderestimatedmom(at)gmail(dot)com so I can pass on your info to receive the Furniture Makeover book and Knack bag!


  5. melwild says:

    Hi Jodi. I want you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! To find out more about that, you can see my upcoming post (11.1.13) when it gets published. You don’t have to accept it, but I wanted to bless you and, in doing so, get more people will see what you have to say. рџ™‚

  6. Hi Jodi. Thank you for following my blog; http://www.beautifulcourageousyou.wordpress.com . What a wonderful ‘find’ you are… I look forward to following your writing x

  7. James Stevens says:

    I too share a passion for writing, and I wondered if you’d be interested in reviewing another book? Or maybe just enjoy reading it? It’s called Hatch (The Dragons of Laton) and if you have a Kindle I will gift it to you (as soon as I figure out how?)
    Let me know?

    • jodiwoody says:

      James, I do have a kindle and would love to review for you. Just to let you know my review list will take me to about mid Feb, if that isn’t too long to wait. If you have a pdf version you could just email me as an attachment to authorjodiwoody@yahoo.com
      I can covert it on a program I downloaded so I can read it my kindle. Otherwise I think you may have to purchase on to “gift”.

  8. James Stevens says:

    I’ll either have to convert it to a PDF file, or figure out how to gift it. It’s on sale right now so it won’t allow me to use the gift option. The sale ends in a day or so, so it should’t be too long.

  9. jodiwoody says:

    James I got it thanks!

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