Book Review for “The High Duties of Patia”-Fantasy Fiction

I just loved this book! Because It had all three books in one volume, it was a very long read. I read and read, cried and cried, chuckled and read some more. Then when it all finished up, I was not ready to say goodbye to all my new friends! This is an epic fantasy, many characters, (think of Tolkien’s books), it is the usual good versus evil plot. I can’t even imagine the time put into the names, lands, peoples and creatures, the different languages and customs. The characters were lovable, and my two favorite were Belo and Rafe, who were both “Amazing Nice,” and provided some comic relief. I had this book on my reading list and was thrilled when the Author, Bob Craton, offered me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I’ll read this one again, maybe more than once. 5 stars from me! Appropriate for Jr. High and up. Well done Mr. Craton.

You get all three books in one for only $4.99 Kindle version! Well worth the money!

Book Review for “Breaking Free”- Christian Woman’s Non-fiction

This was a wonderful Woman’s Bible Study! I think everywoman should read it. Beth Moore gives insight into some of the common problems that women have gone through from infancy and how to break free from your past. I give the book 5 stars. The writing is simple, yet in depth. This book will change the way you think. Great for individual study or for a group study. I highly recommend this book. Appropriate for high school age and up.

Book Review for “Amalgam”-Sci Fi Fiction

I was given a copy of this book by the author, Augustin Guerrero, in exchange for an honest review. This book is a sci fi/dystopian military story. To me equal to a man’s action movie, with a small touch of heart. Par for the coarse, there is some swearing, including the f-bomb with several variations. So if you find that offensive, delete a star. There was no sexual content besides some joking between the boys. So if you are guy who likes sci do or military stories, you’ll love it. Or if you are a woman like me who loves the comrade-ery and the whole “brothers in arms” “no man left behind” themes that can be found in military stories, you will enjoy it (if the language doesn’t get to you). I give it 4 stars due to my dislike for the swearing. I can only recommend it for adults due to the language.

Book Review for “Forager”- YA Dystopian Fiction

I was given a copy of “Forager” by the author, Peter Stone, in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book. It is set in a dystopian future where the walls of the city are more for keeping people in, then keeping the savage Skels out. Clean fiction, no explicit sex or language. Great characters and an easy writing style. Though the author is Christian, this is not a “Christian” book. Looking forward to the other two books. I can recommend this book for jr. high and up. I give it 4 stars.

Book Review for “Experimental Hearts”-Dystopian/Fantasy

I was given a copy of “Experimental Heart:Pieces” by the author, Shannon Pemrick, in exchange for an honest review. I asked to review this book for two reasons, the cover is great and the story sounded very interesting. A dystopian/fairytale sounded like a fun genre bending book. I am so torn with this book. I loved the story line, humans with modified DNA, dragons, elves… The writing style was pretty good. There were some editing issues, mostly grammar. Also, though I don’t mind a small amount of mild swearing, I had an issue with the amount in this book. The first few chapters had a few “mild” swear words, then by about half way it graduated to the “F-word” and every variation available, until it was used in almost every conversation. I don’t like to see any word over-used, but especially this one. The characters are tuff and strong and I am sure that is the point that the author was trying to get across. My opinion is that she shows their strengths in other ways, so the swearing wasn’t needed.(Spoiler alert!)Finally, the book doesn’t have an ending. The story goes on and on, and other than the issues I mentioned, I was into the story, then…it just stopped. No cliff hanger, no climax, just the last chapter, leaving so many unanswered questions. (End of spoiler). I am assuming there will be more. So three stars for “Experimental Heart.” If swearing doesn’t bother you add another star. If you hate a story with no clear ending, even if it is part of a series, take one away. I wanted to love it! Great theme! Interesting characters. Will I read more of this author? Only if she can delete a few f-bombs. I sure do want to know what happens next, after all I invested a lot of time in this one. I definitely say age 17 and up due to the language.

Unplaned Love-My second novel

If you would like a free pdf or Kindle copy for review, please comment below. All I ask is that you give an honest review on Amazon. Thank you!

Through the marriage of Seanna’s mother and Bryce’s uncle, the two college kids have become as close as any brother and sister. Both raised as only children, they finally have the siblings they have always longed for. But, sometimes love can bloom in the most unexpected places.
Unplanned Love continues the story of the characters from Savage Love. This story of love and family reminds us of the importance of unconditional love and acceptance.

Coming soon! “Perfect Love” Book three in the “Savage Love” series.

Book Review for “A Warrior’s Legacy” – Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy

Guy Stanton III has done the almost impossible, he has continued a series where things jut keep getting better! Loved book three of “The Warrior Kind” series. I was given the first three books in exchange for an honest review. I liked all so much that I have purchased the remaining book as well as one in his other series. Even though there are some grammatical errors, and part of the story is told in the first person, while other parts are not, I still have to give five stars. I pretty much read this one straight through. Wonderful new world and creatures, great Sci fi and fantasy all wrapped up from a Christian view point. Faith, family and perseverance are the main themes of these books. Enough action and battle for the guys, with enough romance for the girls! Teens and up for my reading recommendation.