Book Review for “Dark Liaison”- Christian Fiction

Loved it. Another great Christian fiction. Spies, demon possessed bad guys. All with good writing. I give it 5 stars. High school and up.

Book Review for “Agent For A Cause”- Christian Fiction

This is book two in the “Agents For Good” series. What a great secret agent story! Damsel in distress, single mom, with an autistic son meets emotionally shut off agent Tyre. Sounds a little like your typical agent story, but wait…it’s all written from a Christian perspective. Lots of romance, lots of fighting, but, not explicit at all and no swearing. Perfect in my eyes. Needs a little editing, but I have come to love this author. This is book two out of six and I will be reading the rest. Only .99 Kindle version, so worth the buck. I give it 4 stars. I can recommend for ages 16 and these books can be read as stand alone. I can recommend for age 16 and up, due to mature content.

Fairy Tales and Super Hero’s

Ok, so I love both. I grew up on fairy tales, being a lover of books and stories. My fondness for superhero’s came much later. Some people think me crazy or living in a fantasy world, but I beg to disagree. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and so many other fantasy writers take what we loved as children in the classic happily ever after fairy tales and shown the dark side of man, and the love of God. Good versus evil, never gets old, especially when good wins out every time. I think the longing in us all to be saved, to save, to be part of something bigger, to have a purpose is why I love those stories. Almost every superhero story starts out with a flawed individual who ends up doing good, putting the needs of others before themselves.

Jesus told stories to get his point across. I think modern day story tellers can do the same. Unfortunately, our society seems to like the dark, satanic stories of torture and torment. Sometimes I even hate walking down the isles of the local movie rental place, the covers themselves enough to cause nightmares. I have to thank those who continue to show that good is better than evil. That a story should have a moral and a point. There are even a few who are brave and take chances and risks. Ted Dekker is one of those authors who couldn’t find a publisher at first due to talking about passion, sex and intimacy. But he stuck to his guns, and his convictions and is a writer of renown, not just in the Christian world. I have had the privilege of reading a few good Christian fiction books lately that have the message that I think our world needs, and they entertain as well. I am giving you their links. Please check them out and support those brave men and woman who continue to press on!

From Ted Dekker:
The first book of his that I read and it got me hooked!
His fantasy that caught my heart! Passionate, romantic and full of God’s love!—1-Ted-Dekker-ebook/dp/B0052FTNJ2/ref=la_B001IODFIQ_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392491291&sr=1-2
My favorite Dekker books!
Epic Christian books:
Francine Rivers, Mark of the lion series-
Bodie Theone, full of history! Zion Chronicles (only one of many wonderfully moving series)
New authors! Up and coming Christian fiction authors.
Guy Stanton-
Nicholas Downing-
J.J. Herbert-
Tracy Groot-
Ronie Kendig-
Renee Riva-

Book Review for “A Warrior’s Revenge”-Christian Science Fiction

I was given a copy of “A Warrior’s Revenge” by the author, Guy Stanton III, in exchange for an honest review. This is the last book of The Warrior Kind series. I loved them all! This one was no different than the rest in the fact that it is unapologetically Christian, has a ton of romance, fighting, science fiction, fantasy and strong morals. Did I mention I loved it? I give it five solid stars. Since reading the first book, I see some improvement in grammar and editing in this one. Mr. Stanton is one of my new favorite authors. I put him up there with Ted Dekker. I can recommend this book for Jr. High and up. There is some fighting and violence. Sad to see the series finish up, but will be moving on to his other work.

Book Review for “Ice Country”-YA Fantasy

David Estes continues with the epic story of The Country Saga. I was given a copy of book one to review and loved it so much that I purchased “Ice Country”. The writing style is simple and he obviously understands the mind of youth. A great book for teens and up. I can recommend for Jr. High age and older. A story of friendship, hardship and courage. Starting book three right away! I give this book a solid 5 stars.

Book Review For “Hatch”- Fantasy

At first I thought, “Another Dragon Rider book”, but I loved it. Great fantasy writing. Loveable characters, and of course, dragons. (The main one reminding me quite a bit of my dog). Appropriate for teens and up, will surely be looking forward to more in the series. I was given a copy of “Hatch” by the author, James Stevens, in exchange for an honest review. I give it 5 stars!

Book Review for “Racing Dragons” – Fiction/Fantasy/Sci Fi

This was a fun read. Space travel, dragons, and some funny characters. Some of the dialogue was hard for me to follow due to a characters “piercings”. I was given a copy of this book by the author, Todd Burnett, exchange for an honest review. I liked the book. Great weekend read. Jr. High and up. Violence, no swearing. Three stars.