Book Review for “Amazing Grace”- Military Christian Fiction


I am torn about this book. I was unsure about giving it five stars. I do consider it a “Christian Book” as it has a great message and is written about a woman who turns her life around and allows God to use her. However, there is swearing. Not what I would consider the “really bad” words, but the book is about military types and there is some language involved. There is also one sex scene though not explicit, and lot’s of violence. So I wouldn’t consider it “clean” reading. I did love the story though! It may have been gritty, but it was honest. Fast paced action, good versus evil, though the good characters are definitely flawed. I will be reading more by this author. So I have to be true to my feelings, I loved it, and give it five stars. If you prefer your books with no swearing, then be forewarned. I can only recommend for ages 17 and up due to content.

Book Review for “Fearless”-Christian Military Biography


This was a wonderful biography of a true American Hero. Adam was the golden boy growing up, friend and defender to all. He became up as a drug addict as a young adult, but turned his life over to God, and became a Navy Seal. His team is the one who ultimately took out Bin Laden. This true story will touch your heart and make you proud of our enlisted men and women. I give this book 5 stars and recommend it to Christian and non Christians alike. A piece of modern history!

Book Review for “Shadows Fall”- Christian Dystopian Fiction


I thought this was the final book! I really liked the first book, Shadow Soldier, I was given a copy by the author. In fact I purchased “Shadow Fall” to get the rest of the story. This one was even better. Military, dystopian, romance, and some real faith in God. This is a Christian fiction written without being “preachy” and the only mention God or faith is just part of the characters who believe. I am now going to have to try and be patient for book number three. It feels like a long read, not sure how many pages it was, but it was worth it. I can recommend to ages 16 and up. There is no swearing, the only sexual content is implied and threatened (rape), there is violence and fighting, so I think not great for younger readers. Good story, good writing and I give Shadow Fall five stars.

Book Review for “Shadow Soldier”- Military/Dystopian


I loved this book! Military, dystopian, and some romance. A book for guys or gals. Written without swearing and sexual content (some implied), and some un-cheesy Christian content that does not distract from the story. Post Great War, the controlling government is set up in what used to be the US. One nameless soldier is the key. There is fighting and violence. I can recommend for ages 14 and up. A great read, and a favorite new author. This is the first in a series and I am looking forward to book two! Kept me on my seat! I give it a solid 5 stars.

Book Review for “Amalgam”-Sci Fi Fiction

I was given a copy of this book by the author, Augustin Guerrero, in exchange for an honest review. This book is a sci fi/dystopian military story. To me equal to a man’s action movie, with a small touch of heart. Par for the coarse, there is some swearing, including the f-bomb with several variations. So if you find that offensive, delete a star. There was no sexual content besides some joking between the boys. So if you are guy who likes sci do or military stories, you’ll love it. Or if you are a woman like me who loves the comrade-ery and the whole “brothers in arms” “no man left behind” themes that can be found in military stories, you will enjoy it (if the language doesn’t get to you). I give it 4 stars due to my dislike for the swearing. I can only recommend it for adults due to the language.

Book Review for “Trinity: War Dog” – Christian Fiction

Ronie Kendig is a new author for me. I saw this book for free on a Christian book website and hat to give it a try. I love a good military movie or story. This one was great. Set mostly in Afghanistan, it’s a great story of courage, weakness and loyalty. Throw in a touch of romance and some struggles with faith and you have a perfect mix. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part, the war dog Trinity and her love for her master. Can recommend for teens and up. There is some talk of torture, nothing too graphic. I have already put the rest of the series, as well as her other books on my ‘to read’ list. I give “Trinity” 5 stars. HOOAH.

Book Review For “Sleepless” Fiction

I was given this book by the author, Tracey Ward, in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book! Loved the storyline, A woman who “Slips” in her dreams to places she’s been before, who meets a military man who has issues. I love a good romance, especially minus the sappy stuff, plus I love all things military, a perfect mix for me!The book includes a good does of humor and insight into the characters. Good writing style. Nothing negative to say. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series and I added her other works to my “to read” list. There is some swearing and sexual references so I recommend for ages 16 and up. I give the book 5 stars.
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