Book Review for “Agent For A Cause”- Christian Fiction

This is book two in the “Agents For Good” series. What a great secret agent story! Damsel in distress, single mom, with an autistic son meets emotionally shut off agent Tyre. Sounds a little like your typical agent story, but wait…it’s all written from a Christian perspective. Lots of romance, lots of fighting, but, not explicit at all and no swearing. Perfect in my eyes. Needs a little editing, but I have come to love this author. This is book two out of six and I will be reading the rest. Only .99 Kindle version, so worth the buck. I give it 4 stars. I can recommend for ages 16 and these books can be read as stand alone. I can recommend for age 16 and up, due to mature content.

Book Review for “A Warrior’s Revenge”-Christian Science Fiction

I was given a copy of “A Warrior’s Revenge” by the author, Guy Stanton III, in exchange for an honest review. This is the last book of The Warrior Kind series. I loved them all! This one was no different than the rest in the fact that it is unapologetically Christian, has a ton of romance, fighting, science fiction, fantasy and strong morals. Did I mention I loved it? I give it five solid stars. Since reading the first book, I see some improvement in grammar and editing in this one. Mr. Stanton is one of my new favorite authors. I put him up there with Ted Dekker. I can recommend this book for Jr. High and up. There is some fighting and violence. Sad to see the series finish up, but will be moving on to his other work.

Book Review for “A Warrior’s Return”

The prodigal returns. I was given the first three books in “The Warrior Kind” series and liked them so much I purchased the fourth. Again I loved it. The books have not dwindled or repeated the same stories over and over with different scenery. The story continues with most of the same characters. Plenty of action, suspense and romance. Clean sci fi/fantasy written from a Christian perspective. Looking forward to the next book that I hear should be out soon. Still some editing issues, but worth the small amount of trouble. I enjoyed the story line so much that I am still giving it 5 stars despite the issues. Good for teens and up.

Book Review for “A Warrior’s Legacy” – Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy

Guy Stanton III has done the almost impossible, he has continued a series where things jut keep getting better! Loved book three of “The Warrior Kind” series. I was given the first three books in exchange for an honest review. I liked all so much that I have purchased the remaining book as well as one in his other series. Even though there are some grammatical errors, and part of the story is told in the first person, while other parts are not, I still have to give five stars. I pretty much read this one straight through. Wonderful new world and creatures, great Sci fi and fantasy all wrapped up from a Christian view point. Faith, family and perseverance are the main themes of these books. Enough action and battle for the guys, with enough romance for the girls! Teens and up for my reading recommendation.

Book Review for “Warriors Journey”-Christian Fiction Sci Fi

Loved it! This is book two of A Warrior’s Kind series and it is even better than book one. There are some grammar and editing issues, but very minor. The story is great. Think of Sci Fi knights in shining armor. Great Christian theme. In this book, the actions that they take just to get a copy of a Bible is amazing. Impatiently waiting for book three. I have been privileged to read these in exchange for an honest review by the author, Guy Stanton III. I give this book 5 stars despite the errors, it is just that good. Again, adult content, though nothing explicit.