Book Review for “The High Duties of Patia”-Fantasy Fiction

I just loved this book! Because It had all three books in one volume, it was a very long read. I read and read, cried and cried, chuckled and read some more. Then when it all finished up, I was not ready to say goodbye to all my new friends! This is an epic fantasy, many characters, (think of Tolkien’s books), it is the usual good versus evil plot. I can’t even imagine the time put into the names, lands, peoples and creatures, the different languages and customs. The characters were lovable, and my two favorite were Belo and Rafe, who were both “Amazing Nice,” and provided some comic relief. I had this book on my reading list and was thrilled when the Author, Bob Craton, offered me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I’ll read this one again, maybe more than once. 5 stars from me! Appropriate for Jr. High and up. Well done Mr. Craton.

You get all three books in one for only $4.99 Kindle version! Well worth the money!

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