Book Review for “Shadows Fall”- Christian Dystopian Fiction


I thought this was the final book! I really liked the first book, Shadow Soldier, I was given a copy by the author. In fact I purchased “Shadow Fall” to get the rest of the story. This one was even better. Military, dystopian, romance, and some real faith in God. This is a Christian fiction written without being “preachy” and the only mention God or faith is just part of the characters who believe. I am now going to have to try and be patient for book number three. It feels like a long read, not sure how many pages it was, but it was worth it. I can recommend to ages 16 and up. There is no swearing, the only sexual content is implied and threatened (rape), there is violence and fighting, so I think not great for younger readers. Good story, good writing and I give Shadow Fall five stars.

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