Book Review for “Amazing Grace”- Military Christian Fiction


I am torn about this book. I was unsure about giving it five stars. I do consider it a “Christian Book” as it has a great message and is written about a woman who turns her life around and allows God to use her. However, there is swearing. Not what I would consider the “really bad” words, but the book is about military types and there is some language involved. There is also one sex scene though not explicit, and lot’s of violence. So I wouldn’t consider it “clean” reading. I did love the story though! It may have been gritty, but it was honest. Fast paced action, good versus evil, though the good characters are definitely flawed. I will be reading more by this author. So I have to be true to my feelings, I loved it, and give it five stars. If you prefer your books with no swearing, then be forewarned. I can only recommend for ages 17 and up due to content.