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“Where is the child?” Horace Acerbi calmly asked his son.

“Someplace safe,” answered the young man. “Did you think I was capable of taking care of a baby?”

“Your mother and I would have cared for the baby,” Horace replied as he removed a speck of lint from his suit coat.

The sixteen year old raised his eyebrows, but refused to rise to the bait. Looking his father in the eyes he waited silently.

“So you packed him off like old rubbish to be raised by strangers?” the father asked shaking his head in condemnation.

Still the young man kept his peace.

Horace walked to the window of his great domain and stood gazing out at the night sky.

“I suppose you didn’t give the mother much thought. She took the news rather hard, I am afraid. The housekeeper found her, just a short time ago, hanging from the chandelier in the nursery. It seems she used your old jump rope to do the job.”

“You lie!” the young man finally caved.

“Go see for yourself, I told them to leave her. I wanted you to see what you have accomplished by your willful disregard for propriety.”

“You want to lecture me about propriety?” yelled the youth as he ran from the room.

He took the stairs two at a time until he was on the third floor of the mansion. Blind with rage, out of breath, and riddled with guilt he burst through the door of his old nursery, and there cold and still, hung the body of the only person who had ever loved him…

Book Review for “Clockwork Mechanicals-the Complete Trilogy”-Middle Grade Fiction


I was given “Clockwork Mechanicals- the Complete Trilogy by the author, Peter R. Stone, in exchange for an honest review. I read book one quiet some time ago and thought it was a great middle grade read! So when Mr. Stone gave me the opportunity to read the whole set, I jumped on the chance. Steampunk for kids with great characters and a good moral lesson. Read them in order as they go from one point in time to the next, however each book has a definite beginning and an ending. I just love this author. His YA “Forager” series was also a good read. I give it five stars and can recommend for ages 7-13, (though I am much older than that and really enjoyed them)

Book Review for “Kingdom Lights”-Middle Grade Fantasy/Steampunk Fiction


I received a copy of “The Kingdom Lights” from the author, Steven VS, in exchange for an honest review. This book is intended for Middle grade to Young Adult. It is a good fantasy, with steampunk elements, including floating cities and magic. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are fleshed out and likable, quite a few interesting new “species” for me. If you are a parent that doesn’t want your children to read anything with magic, then this one isn’t for you. Absolutely no swearing, no sexual content, but there is fighting and “monster” type things used in battle. I give it four stars, I really liked it. Though the story had a clear beginning and end, I am hoping there will be more of these books.

Book Review for “Tesla”-YA Steampunk


I was given a copy of “Tesla” by the author, Mark Lingane, in exchange for an honest review. I so loved this book! It was the funnest (I know not a real word) read this whole summer. It is cyberpunk meets steampunk, literally. It is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, all the excitement you expect from killer cyborgs, all from the point of view of a tween boy and a teen girl. I will probably read this one again. No sexual content, some mild swearing. I can recommend this to ages 14 and up. Now, I’ll have to try to be patient as this is only the first in a series.

Book Review for “Armored Hearts” Fiction-Steampunk

This book has several of my favorite elements, romance, steampunk, fae folk and a tad bit of the Bible thrown in. And it works! Great writing. Hoping this is only the first in a series. Though it ended in a good place it is left open for so much more. I enjoyed it. Great for teens and up. Not corny or cheesy in it’s use of the Bible. Just in simple terms in simple language as the beliefs of the people during the times. Great job. I give the book 5 stars.