Book Review for “Tesla”-YA Steampunk


I was given a copy of “Tesla” by the author, Mark Lingane, in exchange for an honest review. I so loved this book! It was the funnest (I know not a real word) read this whole summer. It is cyberpunk meets steampunk, literally. It is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, all the excitement you expect from killer cyborgs, all from the point of view of a tween boy and a teen girl. I will probably read this one again. No sexual content, some mild swearing. I can recommend this to ages 14 and up. Now, I’ll have to try to be patient as this is only the first in a series.

Book Review for “The Human”- YA Dystopian

I just finished the second book in the Eden trilogy called “The Human.” The series is a dystopian world where modern technology and medical science has created a virus that was meant for good, but has mutated in a way that is going to destroy all human life. The main character is a strong female, Eve, who is willing to fight and die for their colony of humans to survive. I loved the first, “Bane” and the second just as much. I have also read the short prequel “Ashes” and a short story, “Raid” they are all great and am impatiently waiting for the last book “Eve.” These books are intended for YA, and are suitable. There is a lot of violence so I recommend for readers 15 and up. I give this book 5 stars.