Book Review for “Goddess Tithe”- YA Christian Fantasy



Short little book that goes along with the “Goldstone Wood” series. It is officially 5.5 in the set. Great Christian fantasy, this one had some illustrations and I think would be good for younger ages as well. I give it five stars. Loved it. No swearing or sexual content, good for ages 12 and up. I highly recommend the whole series! Great allegory.

Book Review for “Dragonwitch”-Christian Fiction Fantasy



I believe this is book five in the “Goldstone Wood” series. You know those book series that get duller, or stranger, or boring as they go on? This isn’t one of those! I loved book one “Heartless” and have continued on in the series. After reading book two, “Veiled Rose”, I decided I liked it even better. Then came “Moonblood” and “Starflower” and after reading each one I thought “This one is the best so far!” Now, book five, “Dragonwitch” so at the risk of repeating myself, this is the best one yet. I haven’t read a series that captured me like these since Ted Dekker’s “Black, Red, and White” trilogy. I think these are on the same plane as C.S. Lewis and a lighter version on Tolkien. These stories can be stand alone, but I encourage you to read them in order. That would be the best experience. You get all the twists and turns, some expected and others so very unexpected. This one had me bawling in so many places. Romance, dragons, magic, demons, witches, and normal mortals who accomplish the impossible. No swearing or sexual content, there is fighting and violence. I can recommend for fantasy lovers and Christians alike, teen and up. I give it 5+ stars and wish I could give more. Well done Miss Stengl!

Book Review for “Starflower”-Christian Fiction Fantasy


Anne Elisabeth Stengl weaves a great fairytale/allegory in her “Goldstone Woods” series. Each book is a stand alone, but with each one we see more of the back story and how things began. The immortal characters are introduced, or re-introduced to us and we find out how they came to either serve the dragon king, or the Prince of Farthestshore. Well written, it sucks you into the story. You can’t help but feel like you are there and that you know each one of the characters. I loved “Starflower” as much as the others. It answered some of my questions about how some of characters in the first two books ended up where they were. After reading this one I found my self thinking, “oh, that’s why they called her that,” or “so he is the one the song was about.” I would give this book more than five stars if I could. No swearing or sexual content. There is violence and fighting, some scary images for youngsters. I recommend for teens and up. 5+ stars from me! If you like fantasy, but have trouble finding suitable ones for Christians, this series is it!

Book Review for “Veiled Rose”-Christian Fiction Fantasy



Wow, I loved this book! I thought book one was good (Heartless), but “Veiled Rose” is even better. The backstory is being told from some of the characters in book one. Still great fantasy, dragons, demons, princes and princesses, and good versus evil. Great writing, super well developed characters, and an epic story. Anne Elisabeth Stengl is easily one of my favorite fantasy authors. I give it five stars. Violence, no sexual content or swearing, some scary images so teens and up would be my recommendation. Great Christian Allegory!

Book Review for “Resistance- Ilyon Chronicles Book One (Christian Fantasy)


“Resistance” is a great Christian fantasy novel. The main characters are two young adults trapped in a city that demands they worship their emperor and two moon gods, a young mixed breed slave, and an older father figure. As believers of the True God, they have to find a way to either stay hidden or make a stand. I love this book. I will go right into book two to find out what happens next. The writing style is wonderful, the characters are loveable and you feel like you have known them your whole life. It is a great work of fantasy with new peoples and cultures. It has all the swords, intrigue, and good versus evil that you expect from a fantasy novel. No swearing or sexual content, so I can recommend for teens and up. I give this book 5 stars.

Book Review for “Heartless”- Fantasy Fiction



I loved this book! Great fantasy, but with a twist. I am pretty sure it is a Christian allegory, at least I am hoping it turns out that way. The writing style kept me wanting more and I pretty much read this one straight through. Can’t wait for the next book. Though this is a series, there is a clear beginning and ending to the story. Great for teens and up, middle grade maybe as well. No swearing, or sexual content, some fighting and dragon attacks. I give it five stars.

Book Review for “The Art of Work”- Non Fiction Inspirational

The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do


I really liked Jeff Goins latest book, “The Art of Work”. I have read other books written by this author and I follow his blog. He gives great advice on writing, publishing, marketing, and general life advice. This book is all about finding and following your “calling”, and according to Jeff, we all have one. I think this would make a great graduation gift, or a great retirement gift. I give it four stars. Great for teens and up.