Book Review for “Dragonwitch”-Christian Fiction Fantasy



I believe this is book five in the “Goldstone Wood” series. You know those book series that get duller, or stranger, or boring as they go on? This isn’t one of those! I loved book one “Heartless” and have continued on in the series. After reading book two, “Veiled Rose”, I decided I liked it even better. Then came “Moonblood” and “Starflower” and after reading each one I thought “This one is the best so far!” Now, book five, “Dragonwitch” so at the risk of repeating myself, this is the best one yet. I haven’t read a series that captured me like these since Ted Dekker’s “Black, Red, and White” trilogy. I think these are on the same plane as C.S. Lewis and a lighter version on Tolkien. These stories can be stand alone, but I encourage you to read them in order. That would be the best experience. You get all the twists and turns, some expected and others so very unexpected. This one had me bawling in so many places. Romance, dragons, magic, demons, witches, and normal mortals who accomplish the impossible. No swearing or sexual content, there is fighting and violence. I can recommend for fantasy lovers and Christians alike, teen and up. I give it 5+ stars and wish I could give more. Well done Miss Stengl!

Book Review for “Tales of the Wovlen”-Fantasy

I was given a copy of “Tales of the Wovlen” by the author, Kathryn Fogleman, in exchange for an honest review. The story is set in a fantasy world where there is the ever present evil and good. In this story, the evil is beginning to show itself and we have an unlikely hero emerging. I really wanted to love this book and I think it is a good beginning and a great first book for this author. I felt like part of it was a little disjointed and some of the content seemed to repeat itself. So many of the characters reminded me of some of the Lord of the Rings characters that I couldn’t help comparing the two writers, which is totally unfair to Miss Fogleman. I am giving it 3 stars. It was ok. Will I read the rest of the series? Probably. There are so many unanswered questions and some unexplained things that I want to see it through. I can recommend for Jr. High age and up. Nothing offensive, some violence.

Book Review for “Clockwork Dragon” Christian Fiction

This is a hard one to review. Many short stories by various authors, with the same theme of the clockwork dragon. Some sad, some happy, some humans, some fairies and some mer-people. I loved some, liked some and some were just ok. So I guess is I average them all out, I can give a solid 3 stars. It was a fun read. It gave me taste of the styles of the different authors. I had only read work by one of them before. It’s a good place to start, before buying full length books. Can recommend this book for teens and up. As of today, it is free on amazon for the kindle version.