Book Review for “Golden Daughter”- YA Christian Fantasy



The final book of “The Goldstone Wood” series, if you don’t count the two novella’s. I loved this one too. What can I say. My kind of fantasy, allegory. I am going to be sad to see it end. There is a lot more of one of my favorite characters in this one, “Monster” the man who is a cat. I loved these as much as Narnia and almost as much as Lord of the Rings! Five plus stars and a new favorite fantasy author.

Book Review for “Starflower”-Christian Fiction Fantasy


Anne Elisabeth Stengl weaves a great fairytale/allegory in her “Goldstone Woods” series. Each book is a stand alone, but with each one we see more of the back story and how things began. The immortal characters are introduced, or re-introduced to us and we find out how they came to either serve the dragon king, or the Prince of Farthestshore. Well written, it sucks you into the story. You can’t help but feel like you are there and that you know each one of the characters. I loved “Starflower” as much as the others. It answered some of my questions about how some of characters in the first two books ended up where they were. After reading this one I found my self thinking, “oh, that’s why they called her that,” or “so he is the one the song was about.” I would give this book more than five stars if I could. No swearing or sexual content. There is violence and fighting, some scary images for youngsters. I recommend for teens and up. 5+ stars from me! If you like fantasy, but have trouble finding suitable ones for Christians, this series is it!

Book Review for “Moonblood”-Christian Fiction Fantasy



I just can’t say enough about this series! Anne Elisabeth Stengl is now on my top five favorite authors list. Each book in this series is a stand alone book, telling a full story with a clear beginning and an end. However, each one weaves the story in more detail so as to explain what you have read before and tie the whole “Goldstone” world together. Great epic fantasy! Villains are made and others are thrust into the unlikely role of hero. I can’t seem to put the books down. Characters are well rounded. There is a great mix of humor, and heartache. I give this story 5+ stars. They would earn many more if available. No swearing or sexual content, though fighting and violence, including dragon destruction. I can recommend for ages 14 and up. Great Christian allegory!

Book Review for “Veiled Rose”-Christian Fiction Fantasy



Wow, I loved this book! I thought book one was good (Heartless), but “Veiled Rose” is even better. The backstory is being told from some of the characters in book one. Still great fantasy, dragons, demons, princes and princesses, and good versus evil. Great writing, super well developed characters, and an epic story. Anne Elisabeth Stengl is easily one of my favorite fantasy authors. I give it five stars. Violence, no sexual content or swearing, some scary images so teens and up would be my recommendation. Great Christian Allegory!

Book Review for “Tears of a Heart”-Fantasy Fiction


I was given a copy of “Tears of a Heart” by the author, Chase Blackwood, in exchange for an honest review. This is the first of a series that will be a great epic fantasy. Not a quick or short read, but involved with many characters and places. The characters are not shallow, but very “fleshed out.” The story line is endearing and you can’t help rooting for the main character. He is a teen who faced insurmountable obstacles in his young life, but manages to make friends and form bonds along the way. The writing style is similar to that of Tolkien. My only complaint is that the other books are not out in print yet, so I will have to be patient. No swearing and no sexual content. I give it 5 stars. Can recommend to teens and up. As of the time of this review the book is being offered for free Kindle version on Amazon.

Book Review for “The Wanderer’s Guide to Dragon Keeping”- Fantasy Fiction


I was given a copy of this book by the author, Ashley O’Melia, in exchange for an honest review. I love fantasy, and this one was no exception. It is fun, cute, and will continue with the series (as they continue to be written). I can recommend it to all ages. No swearing, no sexual content, but lots of dragon fun, with a little romance thrown in as well. Great writing, characters are very likable. I give it five stars!

Book Review for “Dragon Slayer: Beginning” -Christian Fantasy


I was given a copy of “Dragon Slayer: Beginnings” by the author, Carey Green, in exchange for an honest review. Wow, loved it! Another great Christian author. Now I can’t wait for the next one! A wonderful story of heartbreak, sorrow, hope! Good writing, good character development and an inspirational story. Good for audiences of Jr High age and up. I give it a solid 5 stars. Well done.