Book Review for “Red River”- YA Dystopian


I was given a copy of “Red River” by the author, Kelly Van Hull, in exchange for an honest review. I have to first say that I love YA dystopian. They don’t seem to be quite as dark as adult dystopian, and these books by Kelly do not disappoint. I enjoyed both “Tent City” and this second book as well. I can recommend them for ages Jr. High and up. Good fiction writing, the main characters are teens and Kelly represents them well. The characters are well rounded. The setting is in the Bad Lands. A religious fanatic is in charge of the US and things are going downhill fast. A group of people are trying to stay alive in remote country. There are enough twists in the plot to keep you on your toes. I read this almost straight through. No swearing, the only sexual content is implied, there is fighting. I give it five stars. I loved the series. Red River finishes up (I think), the story line. I am looking forward to what else will be coming from this author

Book Review for “Shadows Fall”- Christian Dystopian Fiction


I thought this was the final book! I really liked the first book, Shadow Soldier, I was given a copy by the author. In fact I purchased “Shadow Fall” to get the rest of the story. This one was even better. Military, dystopian, romance, and some real faith in God. This is a Christian fiction written without being “preachy” and the only mention God or faith is just part of the characters who believe. I am now going to have to try and be patient for book number three. It feels like a long read, not sure how many pages it was, but it was worth it. I can recommend to ages 16 and up. There is no swearing, the only sexual content is implied and threatened (rape), there is violence and fighting, so I think not great for younger readers. Good story, good writing and I give Shadow Fall five stars.

Book Review for “Shadow Soldier”- Military/Dystopian


I loved this book! Military, dystopian, and some romance. A book for guys or gals. Written without swearing and sexual content (some implied), and some un-cheesy Christian content that does not distract from the story. Post Great War, the controlling government is set up in what used to be the US. One nameless soldier is the key. There is fighting and violence. I can recommend for ages 14 and up. A great read, and a favorite new author. This is the first in a series and I am looking forward to book two! Kept me on my seat! I give it a solid 5 stars.

Book Reviews for “Divergent”, “Insurgent”, and “Allegiant”- YA Dystopian Fiction

One of my new favorites! I so love this book. I know I will read it again. Dystopian at it’s finest. Easy writing style. Well rounded characters!! Flawed and real. There is violence, but no swearing or sexual content. Set in a futuristic society where people have been grouped by their character traits. I’d give it 6 stars if I could. That good. On to book two.

At first I thought this one wasn’t as good as book one, but as I got farther along in the story, it was just as good! A great dystopian book set in Chicago. Society is set in “Factions” that dictate pretty much everything in your life. This story is about those who don’t fit the mold. More plot twists in this one. Looking forward to starting the final book. One of my new favorite authors. I give it 5 stars. No swearing and no sexual content. Just good drama and action, with some romance (the non-sappy kind) thrown in. Great read!

Allegiant-I finished the last book of the “Divergent” series! I loved this series. It was all about loyalty, sacrifice, love and human nature, the good and the bad. Veronica Roth is now one of my favorite authors and I will be looking for more from this author. I can recommend this book for High School age and up. No swearing, or sexual content, there is violence. I give it a solid 5 stars! (These books have to be read in sequence.)

Book Review for “Infiltrator”- YA Dystopian Fiction



I was given a copy of the first book in this series in exchange for an honest review. I liked it so much I bought book two. This one is even better. It gets more into the past of both of the main characters and a more twisted plot begins to unfold. I am looking forward to book three. This is a “clean” book. No bad language or sexual content. Though there is a husband and wife and it is implied, it is very vague. Great for ages 14 and up. I give it 5 stars and think it is one of the better dystopian books out there. Set in a futuristic Australia, the language is a little different and fun.

Book Review for “Finding Sage”-Dystopian Fiction


I just loved this book! Great dystopian. Loved the characters, the twists and turns, and the whole outcast of society theme. I am so looking forward to the next in the series. I did get a little confused at the end, and had to slow down and read it again, but it will all come out clearer I am sure in the next book. Good writing and a Goodread! I give it 5 stars. Clean enough for ages 13 and up, it may be hard for some to follow along. No sex and no swearing. I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review

Book Review for “Water & Storm Country”- YA Fiction/Post Apocalyptic

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Let me start off by saying I begged the author for this book! I have read the others in this series (some I paid for and some I was given) as well as book one in the “Dweller” series. I loved them all. Easy to read, fast paced, full of different cultures and slang. The stories can be read alone, but are part of a growing story line. One more in the series and I am looking forward to reading it. YA fantasy, post apocalyptic at it’s greatest. I can recommend for Jr. High and up. Does contain violence and fighting. Nothing too graphic. No swearing (at least not words used in our world) and no sex. The characters are so likable, flawed and realistic. David has a great understanding of the young mind. I give “Water & Storm Country” 5 solid stars. Only now, having finished this book, I realize you should read the “Dweller” series first as they all cumulate in the final book “Earth Dwellers.”