Book Review for “In the Spotlight: Mayne Attraction”- Fiction YA Romance


I liked “In the Spotlight” book one of “Mayne Attraction” series. I would have given it four stars, really liking it except for a few things. In the beginning, the prologue, we meet a couple of shady characters, they come in early in the first few chapters, never to be heard from again, the story ends (with a cliff hanger) never explaining who, or why they are in the story. I am assuming they come in later in one of the other books, but I found myself asking over and over, what about those guys. The characters are likable, similar to a lot of YA characters. The girl is shy, clumsy and doesn’t know she is beautiful, the guys are hot and handsome. I am still not sure where the series is going, I was anticipating a big twist, but was disappointed in the lack of one. Having said all of that, the book is told through the eyes of the 18 year old girl, the writing is good, there was a nice mix of humor, no swearing, the only sexual content is a few insinuations and nothing between the main characters, in fact they begin and end as virgins. So a lot to like about this book, and whenever the remaining books come out, I will read them. I can recommend for ages 14 and up. Definitely a chick book.

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