Book Review for “Tear of Min Brock” –Allegory/Fantasy

I was given a copy of this book by the author, J.E. Lowder in exchange for an honest review.
I really loved this book! It just kept getting better the farther I got. I loved the storyline, the characters are loveable. I found myself wiping away a few tears as I read. A great fantasy world. Will definitely be reading more from this author. There are several main characters, similar to Lord of the Rings. You have to pay attention to keep them all straight. For this reason I think that ages 14 and up would best understand it all, but a good read for jr. high students as well. The story is set in a society with strict rules and regulations about everything. The people live in fear and have given up on thing ever changing, but there is a whisper of hope! I give the book 5 stars.

Book Review for “Titanic: Unsinkable” Fiction Ages 8+

Titanic: Unsinkable is the first book in a trilogy. The series is written for ages 8 and up. I happen to love all things Titanic so this story gets a star just for the subject matter, right up front. The book is well written and the story is told through the adventures of four teenagers. Paddy is an Irish lad, running from some notorious gangsters, only to find out they have also booked passage on the very ship that he has stowed-away on. Alfie, an English boy has lied about his age to acquire his job as a steward on the same ship his father works as a broiler man. Sophie and her Mother, who is a woman’s rights activist are on their way back to America. Julianna is the daughter of an earl. She and her father are visiting America on business. The four teens find trouble, mystery and suspense on the Titanic. I enjoyed book one and will be moving on to the next two. I give this book 5 stars.

Reviews for Savage Love

4 star-“Savage Love, the story of an ailing rock star and a recently widowed woman, pulled me in right from the start. Samantha is reeling from recent discoveries about her deceased husband and is trying to reconcile her feelings about her previous marriage with the new information she has received. Daffyd is very angry with how certain events have turned out in his life and is antagonistic about any discussions regarding God or faith.”-Brittany on Goodreads

5 star-“I really enjoyed this book. I read it in less than a day!”-Brenda on Goodreads.

5 star-“Without previous reviews I would never have ordered this book. The title did not reflect my interest. What a treasure I would have missed had I not read this touching story. It has everything: A mother daughter connection that is wonderful; sadness at the recent loss of loved ones; godly people who care about others; a near death ‘rock and roll’ giant; hope in a life that had no hope; love when genuine love had never been experienced and finally, a touch of suspense… The topper, it is wholesome, a word we seldom hear anymore. Still, there were some past events in the characters lives that were hard lessons. It deserves my highest praise with a rating of 5 stars. “-robpew on Amazon

Lyrics for “Enthralled by Your Love”


Enthralled by Your Love

They left me empty and broken.
I searched for the one who could put me back together again.

I could not escape from the pain,
giving myself to the darkness, trying to hide from my shame.

In this hopeless place, you found me.
Instead of piecing me back together, you made something brand new out of me.

I am you beloved, your bride, sitting in heaven by your side.
Enthroned in your beauty and grace, enthralled by the love in your gaze.

When I was lost, you searched for me.
I found my worth in the price that you paid to bring me liberty.

You saw me for what I could be,
captured my heart with your love, making me into royalty.

I am you beloved, your bride, sitting in heaven by your side.
Enthroned in your beauty and grace, enthralled by the love in your gaze.

Copyright © by Jodi Woody
August 21, 2013

Book Review for “The In-Between: Embarrassing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing” Non-Fiction

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I try to read at least one non-fiction book per month along with my fiction. Sometimes they end up being informational, but dry. This one is not. It’s a good read as Jeff’s writing style is that of a true storyteller. This book is full of true life stories, his own and some short stories of others. The book invites us to look at the waiting times in our lives in a different light. I found it very though provoking and encouraging. I recommend it for everyone, especially young adults fresh out of high school or college. I am giving it a strong 5 stars and will be reading more from this author.

Seasons of Life


I am about halfway through a good book. I love to read, fiction mostly, but I make sure I read at least one non-fiction a month. When I started to do the internet thing to promote myself as a writer, I stumbled upon a writer, Jeff Goins. He was full of good writing advice and encouragement. I downloaded several of his free “Manifesto’s” and liked his style. So when he offered his latest non-fiction book as a pre-order I jumped at the chance. I just now got around to reading it. The title is “The In-Between-Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.” The book is great and it isn’t just about writing. Everyone should read it, especially those just out of college. It has me thinking.

My husband and I are (hopefully) coming up on an early retirement. We’ve worked hard for years. His first job at 13 and mine at 15. We have dairy-farmed together, made shake blokes, and logged, separately we have managed book stores, worked in factories, deli’s, taught school, worked in daycares, a hospital and remodeled 13 homes, just to name a few. My husband works harder than most men I know. He has worked most of that time with the results of a broken back at age 17, which resulted in crushed and missing vertebrae, as well as several fused. In the last 6 years he has had to surgeries due to a work related injury, one on his neck and one on his shoulder. He still works, hard, sometimes 60 hours a week in a factory. So we are looking forward to retirement. He’s a few years from 60 and I’ll be 50 next year, in today’s workforce that would be an early retirement.

Two years ago we took a trip to Georgia in February (our coldest month). We came back with a plan to sell our home and move south. We listed the house and started surfing the net for houses and business in the area, talked about it and got excited. Then a friend of mine who said she hated for us to move said, “Couldn’t you buy a house there for the winter and still stay here the rest of the year?” My reply, “Short of a miracle, we could never afford two houses.” But she got me thinking… (Thanks Sara). My husband for years joked around about selling everything and living in a camper, traveling like a gypsy. I always grouched and crabbed and reminded him how much I moved around as a kid, not to mention the 14 housed we have lived in since our marriage (which included several states). But after my conversation with my friend, and with some modifications, it wasn’t sounding so bad.

Now we are still showing our house, believing God is working in this less than perfect housing market. We still surf the net, but now we are looking at diesel motor homes with a slide out, a bedroom and a bathroom. We have family in Kentucky, and Tennessee, a daughter in Arkansas, a son 200 miles away (in Wisconsin), a daughter a few blocks away who can’t wait to get to someplace warmer, and our parents and siblings are in Washington state. We just got back from a 16 day trip to Washington to visit our parents and siblings. We hope to travel so that we can spend time with them all, and to see the parts of the U.S. that we haven’t so far in our travels.

So what does all of this have to do with Jeff’s book? We have been looking forward impatiently to retirement so much, that we have neglected the good things in our waiting time. My husband’s job is getting harder on his body, the sub zero temps and the long winters aren’t fun anymore. We miss our far away families in a way that we didn’t when we had kids at home. So “The In-Between” has reminded me of the importance of enjoying where you are now. Not that I’d completely forgotten, I just have been spending more time daydreaming about my future than looking for the blessings in my now. Jeff says in his book, “Maybe, I thought, God is less concerned with exactly what I am doing and more concerned with who I am becoming.” I have only recently started writing and have had some discouragements in the amount of sales. We are coming up on another winter and want to be out of here. But God has a plan. He wants us to continue to grow and stretch, and that happens just as much, if not more, in the waiting times, than in the active times.

When God’s chosen people were taken captive by Babylon, God told them it would be 70 years before He would begin to bring them back to Jerusalem. Now that is waiting. He also told them to build houses, take wives, and plant vineyards. He knew that they needed to be productive and provided for during their waiting time (Jeremiah). So are you waiting for something, a spouse, a great job, a vocation, calling or ministry? Are you impatient and spend more time in the future than in the now? Take Jeff’s advice and embrace the waiting. You’ll be blessed and way less stressed.

By the way, if you want to check out Jeff’s blog, here is the link.