Book Review for “Elderberry Croft-volume 3”- Christian Fiction


Book number three in the series and they just keep getting better. We find out much more about Willows past in this book with hints at some interesting relationships in book four. I love these books. The characters are interesting, the writing is simple and easy to read. These have been great reads so far. I give Book three in the “Elderberry Croft” series five stars. Good job Becky Doughty. I can recommend these books to any age, though all of the characters are over 30 (mostly seniors). No swearing or sexual content. I also have to say I love the covers!

Book Review for “How Sweet It Is” – Christian Romance

Bonnie Blythe has written a sweet Christian romance. It isn’t preachy and the love story is tender and fun. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and love. The theme is a damsel in distress and a hunky ex-surfer who have a chance meeting while in Europe. I give it 4 stars. A great weekend book. This book is suitable for teens and up due to it’s clean content.

Book Review for “Crispens Point” Christian Romance

This was a nice read. Clean Christian romance with some good dating advice and morals for young girls. I thought the Pastor in the book, who happens to be one of the love interest a little odd. The book starts out pretty light, then takes a dramatic turn right at the end that I though was a little awkward. If your looking for a easy weekend read, this is it. I didn’t love it, but it was definitely worth the .99 I paid for it. I give it a solid 3 stars.

Book Review for “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare-Paranormal

I just finished book one in the Mortal Instruments series, “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare. I have to admit that it was the covers of these books that grabbed my attention in the beginning. That was months and months ago. I have had them on my wish list on Amazon a long time. Finally, I acquired the first three. I read it in two days. Very well written, loved the characters. Clary, the main female character finds out that her whole life has been a lie. She meets Jace and her whole life changes. The twists and turns keep your nose in the book! Demons, Downworlders, Shadowhunters, Warlocks and otherworldly beings, you’ll find them all in this volume. This is what I loved the most, the book, though filled with fighting and violence is free from perverse language and sexual content. I loved this book as an adult and am thrilled that it is “clean” enough for teens. Still this is a gritty, gutty book. I can’t wait until I can start book two. I give this book a solid 5 stars.

Worldly Love

Worldly love is backwards. Yep, backwards. When we love someone in the natural the more we get to know them, the more intimate we become, the more comfortable we get. The good side is that we can be ourselves. The bad side is that familiarity breeds disrespect. We love our parents, spouses, sibling, children and friends. Most of those we spend at least 18 years living in the same home! We have seen “the good, the bad and the ugly!” Because of that we begin to take them for granted, maybe loose respect and lots of times judge them on their faults, frailties and failures. Hopefully we continue to love (after all love is a CHOICE). God spoke to me this week and said, “Don’t love Me like you love them.” I got the reason why, because worldly love is very shallow and I know He wants more. But I was stumped. Finally I asked Him, how do I love You different than I love my family. (This is where the backwards part comes in), He said, “get more intimate with me”…after that I had the whole “WHAT???” going thru my mind. In His vast patience, He explained. In drawing closer to God, thru prayer, praise, His word, fellowshipping, etc. we get to know Him better. This however can never breed disrespect! There is no “bad and ugly” with Him only the “GOOD!” The more we know Him, the more we respect Him, stand in awe of Him, and the more we want to discover and know about Him. The great part is no matter how long we know Him, we never really know Him. There is more to find out, and we can still be ourselves! In the world, we begin to finish each other’s sentences; can pretty much predict the next word and behavior. Not with God. When you think you have Him figured out, He’ll do something AMAZING! I have decided to do what He has asked, to get to know Him better, but also to try and love “them” the way I love God.