Reviews for Savage Love

4 star-“Savage Love, the story of an ailing rock star and a recently widowed woman, pulled me in right from the start. Samantha is reeling from recent discoveries about her deceased husband and is trying to reconcile her feelings about her previous marriage with the new information she has received. Daffyd is very angry with how certain events have turned out in his life and is antagonistic about any discussions regarding God or faith.”-Brittany on Goodreads

5 star-“I really enjoyed this book. I read it in less than a day!”-Brenda on Goodreads.

5 star-“Without previous reviews I would never have ordered this book. The title did not reflect my interest. What a treasure I would have missed had I not read this touching story. It has everything: A mother daughter connection that is wonderful; sadness at the recent loss of loved ones; godly people who care about others; a near death ‘rock and roll’ giant; hope in a life that had no hope; love when genuine love had never been experienced and finally, a touch of suspense… The topper, it is wholesome, a word we seldom hear anymore. Still, there were some past events in the characters lives that were hard lessons. It deserves my highest praise with a rating of 5 stars. “-robpew on Amazon

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