Time With Gabriel


Gabriel and Papa

My youngest grandchild, Gabe the Babe, has been at our house since Friday. His parents are in Hawaii. My daughter is having a hard time being away from her little 13 month old, but we are having a great time. Sure getting up at night to pat his back until he goes back to sleep and the winey, crabby boy who is getting some new teeth can try our patience, after all we aren’t young anymore. However, the rewards are great. I keep him weekday while mommy and daddy work, but this is different. I rock him to sleep, give him bath time, and watch my hubby interact with him, just like he did with our children when they were young. We never thought we could love anyone the way we love our children. We know better now.

Proverbs 17:6 (NLT), “Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children.”

So, maybe I haven’t wrote a thing, other than this post, and the house is a little messy. I do still have a few flowers that need to go into the ground and we took a walk when the sun came out instead of planting (it has rained for days). I’ll be glad to give him back to his mommy, but I will be sad too. This ten days is a reminder that life is short, family is so important, and we all need to slow down.


Lullabye for Gabriel


My Bonnie Boy

Go to sleep my bonnie boy
Close your eyes my little lamb
May your bed be soft and sweet
And your dreams be filled with me

The grass is in the meadow
And the heathers on the Moore
But my bonnie boy is sleeping
Lying warm on Nana’s knee

Go to sleep by bonnie boy
Close your eyes my little lamb
May you hear the angels singing
As they guard you while you sleep

When you wake my little lamb
There’ll be time enough to play
But for now you need to be
Sleeping soundly here with me

Copyright 2014