My President

Donald Trump is my president, just as Obama, Bush, Clinton and all of the others were.
I didn’t agree with some of their policies, behaviors, or decisions. However, because I am a citizen of these great United States of America, because I honor our founding fathers and the prayer and consideration they put into the workings of our government, I respect the office of President. So…I choose to pray this prayer for President Trump, just as I prayed for those who went before him. “Father, bless and protect our president and his family. Send Angels to guard round about them. Help him make wise, godly decisions. Send helpers and wise counselors. Thank you that he knows You and Your love, in Jesus name, Amen.”
I don’t have to love him, no matter weather I voted for him or not, I will remember that God puts officials into position and He tells me to pray for them.

Lullabye for Gabriel


My Bonnie Boy

Go to sleep my bonnie boy
Close your eyes my little lamb
May your bed be soft and sweet
And your dreams be filled with me

The grass is in the meadow
And the heathers on the Moore
But my bonnie boy is sleeping
Lying warm on Nana’s knee

Go to sleep by bonnie boy
Close your eyes my little lamb
May you hear the angels singing
As they guard you while you sleep

When you wake my little lamb
There’ll be time enough to play
But for now you need to be
Sleeping soundly here with me

Copyright 2014

Book Review for “Normal is the Watchword”- YA paranormal


I was given a copy of “Normal is the Watchword” by the author, Jasmine Tru, in exchange for an honest review. This is a paranormal fiction that I think is suited for teens. The story line is a popular one right now with half-angel’s running around unknown to the population. Some are good and some are evil. If you are looking for biblical fiction, this isn’t it, but if you are looking for plain old make-believe fiction, you’ll enjoy the read. On the positive, I like the two main characters. On the negative, it is a repeated theme. Also, it sort of just ends. It is a series and though I hate cliff hangers, I do like to see some kind of closer at the end of each story. Over all a good read. No sex, and no swearing. There is fighting and violence. I give it a solid 3 stars, I “liked” it. In fact I will probably read the rest of the series.