Book Review for “Tears of a Heart”-Fantasy Fiction


I was given a copy of “Tears of a Heart” by the author, Chase Blackwood, in exchange for an honest review. This is the first of a series that will be a great epic fantasy. Not a quick or short read, but involved with many characters and places. The characters are not shallow, but very “fleshed out.” The story line is endearing and you can’t help rooting for the main character. He is a teen who faced insurmountable obstacles in his young life, but manages to make friends and form bonds along the way. The writing style is similar to that of Tolkien. My only complaint is that the other books are not out in print yet, so I will have to be patient. No swearing and no sexual content. I give it 5 stars. Can recommend to teens and up. As of the time of this review the book is being offered for free Kindle version on Amazon.