My President

Donald Trump is my president, just as Obama, Bush, Clinton and all of the others were.
I didn’t agree with some of their policies, behaviors, or decisions. However, because I am a citizen of these great United States of America, because I honor our founding fathers and the prayer and consideration they put into the workings of our government, I respect the office of President. So…I choose to pray this prayer for President Trump, just as I prayed for those who went before him. “Father, bless and protect our president and his family. Send Angels to guard round about them. Help him make wise, godly decisions. Send helpers and wise counselors. Thank you that he knows You and Your love, in Jesus name, Amen.”
I don’t have to love him, no matter weather I voted for him or not, I will remember that God puts officials into position and He tells me to pray for them.

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