Book Review for “Embers and Ice”- Fiction/Fantasy


I was given a copy of “Embers & Ice” by the author, Isabella Modra, in exchange for an honest review. I really liked book one, “Rouge”, so I was thrilled when asked to read book two. It was so great that I am going to have to try to be patient waiting for the next book. The theme of these books are young mutants who have all different “powers.” In book two we meet several new characters. The author does a good job in rounding out her characters. The main lead is a strong teenage girl. She has heroic tendencies, has some issues, and is very likable. Due to the nature of some of the scenes, which aren’t terribly explicit, (rape and torture), and a small amount of swearing, I can’t recommend for readers younger than 16. I give it 4 stars. Good fantasy writing. There is no sappy romance, but an element of it throughout the books so far. I think these books would appeal to guys and gals.