Book Review for “Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves”

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by the author, Dianne Ascroft. This is a wonderful collection of short stories. I really enjoyed the read. Simply written, easy reading, touching stories, a perfect afternoon read. The stories take place in Ireland and Canada. I have always wanted to go to Ireland so I may be a little partial. Good Author, will be reading more from her. I gave this book 4 stars.

Book Review for “Alexios, Before Dying”

I was given a copy of this book by the author, Chance Maree, for an honest review. The very first page grabbed my attention and I liked the book from the start. The characters, a little girl, Velia Gray, and The Magician, were also likeable from the start. I enjoyed the first couple of chapters; the author does a good job with the way she writes of getting you sucked into the story. Then about half way, I started to lose some interest, then things got weird and by the end the story totally lost me. The only way to describe it is like a disjointed dream, you know the ones that get weirder as they go, but feels really real. If you like “New Age”, “Spirit Walking”, “Out of Body Experience”, or philosophy, you would probably like the story. I think it is for more “enlightened” minds than mine. I had originally offered to read a Sci Fi book that she had written and she thought I would enjoy this one better. I wish I had read her book description first. I give the book 3 stars because the book is well written. Just not my cup of tea.

Review for “Shadows Gray: Volume 1”

Shadows Grey is a timetraveling story with a twist. Just loved the book. Melyssa Williams is a new author for me and I can’t say enough about her writing style. She had me on the egde of my seat through the whole book. Great fantasy, love the main character. Not a fairytale princess!! Since I love history, this one was even extra special. Looking forward to reading the next two! I give this book 5 stars.