Book Reviews

I am an avid reader. I love reading most genres except horror (sorry if you are a horror fan!). Most of the books I read include some type of romance, but that is not a prerequisite of a book that I read. Though I am a Christian, I do not limit myself to Christian works. I will not read a book that contains anti-Christian themes, or explicit sex. If you would like me to review your book, please contact me. I leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and all of the social networks that I participate in.
My reviews:
5 stars-I loved it! Will recommend to friends. (Will probably read it again, will definitely follow the author)
4 stars-It was great! Will recommend to friends. (Will probably follow the author)
3 stars-I enjoyed the book. Will recommend to friends.
2 stars-I didn’t like it.
1 star-couldn’t finish the book. (Didn’t hold my attention, too many mistakes, poor writing, or not my taste in lit)
I hope this page will help authors promote their work, and readers find their next favorite!