Book Review for “Moon Dwellers” YA Dystopian

The Moon Dwellers is a great story of friendship during hard times and also about the importance of family and sacrifice. I loved the humor between the friends and the strong female lead character. I thought it was even better when I found out that the character shares her name with the author’s wife. I will continue on with the series when time is available. A very good author with an understanding into the minds of young people. I give the book 4 stars.

Review for “Continuum: Fables of the Fallen” a Collection of Short Stories

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a collection of work by young writers. I appreciate the opportunity to get a preview of their writing styles. Because there are 6 separate stories, by 6 separate authors, I am going to review this one differently. My overall review for the complete collection is 4 stars.
My individual reviews are as follows:
“Night Wolves” by Kathleen Gulo- This one got me right from the beginning. It reminds me of an edgy fairytale, and the werewolves are not love interests. I give this short story 5 stars. I intend to read the full version when the story is finished.
“Fragile Innocence” by R.C. Erickson-Futuristic cop story. This one was ok, good writing. Without spoiling the story, just not my kind of ending. I give this one 3 stars.
“Shadows Break” by Gregory Downs- Fantasy, I like this one. I give it 4 stars.
“Flesh and Metal” by Alexander Pyles-Sci Fi. This was another of my favorites. Machine meets man in a spine tingling way. This one gets 4 stars from me.
“Virtuoso” by Nathan Slemp- Fantasy and Crime Solving. This was well written, but I couldn’t connect with the characters and probably my least favorite. I give this one 3 stars. Just not my style.
“The Tragedy of Garth” by Jacob Baugh. I wanted to love this one, but once again, not my kind of ending. Well written I give this one 4 stars simply due to my personal taste in stories.
So overall, all authors have great promise! If you like Sci Fi and Fantasy, you will enjoy these short stories.