Book Review for “Philippians: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity”- Bible Study



I was given a copy of “Philippians: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity” by the author, Gregory Brown, in exchange for an honest review. Though our doctrinal beliefs may be a tad different, I sure enjoyed this book. I think as a whole the Christian church desperately needs to grow up, and this book is a great tool to facilitate that. It is written so that it can be used in several ways. First it can be used as a study guide for a group, a teachers guide and lesson plan, and as an individual bible study.

The book takes a close look at Pauls’ writings to the church of Philippi and gives great examples of what spiritual maturity should look like.
This isn’t an easy read to just breeze through. You will need to take your time, ponder the questions, read the scriptures and pray about what you are reading. I personally think it would make a great group bible study and will be using some of the lessons in my own small group. I have been a school teacher, and am currently teaching adults and can appreciate a well laid out study guide.

I give it four stars. I can recommend for all any denomination, and for ages 16 and up (though I think it is more geared for adults).

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