Book Review for “Origins:Spinward Fringe” Sci Fi

I just finished “Origins: Spinward Fringe” by Randolph Lalonde. It sat in my kindle for over a year and I just kind of forgot about it. Then I stumbled upon it while searching for another book and read it straight through in three days. It is a long read, but oh, so worth it! I absolutely love it. The story is about some gamers that hacked into the military simulations and ended up being given a ship of their own. It’s all set in the future where space stations and travel are the norm. The issues they go through, the friendships they make and the people they help all set the stage for the remainder of the Spinward Fringe novels. Great Science Fiction. No perverse language or explicit sex (it’s all done behind closed doors). A must read author for Sci Fi fans. I give this book 5+ stars!

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