Book Review for “Infectious”- ChristanFiction/Dystopian/Zombie

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I am usually not a huge fan of zombie books. There have been a scarce few that I have read and even fewer that I have finished, very rare I like any of them. Having said all of that, let me say I loved this one! First off I got it free on smashwords. Then I was thrilled to find out it was a Christian book (I know a Christian Zombie book!) It’s not preachy or cheesy, it is YA, which I usually enjoy. Definitely post rapture, think Dystopian. Main character is a teenage girl living in a sanctuary while the world around her is going to wreck and ruin. The nerdy boy in town is in love with her, and then she meets the zombie…

I give it five stars and am going to purchase book two right away. This has a lot of humor, even the titles of the chapters are witty, ex: “My Butt’s Hanging Out”. Can recommend for teens and up. (caution there is talk of abortion, and eating humans)

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