Book Review for “Tent City”_YA Dystopian
I was given a copy of “Tent City” by the author, Kelly Van Hull, in exchange for an honest review. This is a book intended for young audiences and I think it does a great job for that age group. As a Christian I am always a little disappointed when the bad people are crazy religious fanatics, but I know it could happen. There isn’t a lot of mention of religion, it is just the background story of the General/pastor who has taken over the country. It is a good story about survival and friendships, with a love triangle thrown in. I think that this theme is becoming the overrunning love story of YA books, but it is done well. The main character is a teenage girl who can’t wait to get out on her own, only to figure out that home was great. I give this book 4 stars for it’s intended audience but I think that it might not appeal to all adults. I enjoyed it and hope there is more to come.

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