Who Is Sitting On The Throne?


We’ve probably all heard the analogy of the God spaced hole in our heart that only He can fill. I even read a good little book/tract by Joan Pearce called “The Empty Spot.” But I think we should go a step further. Yes there is a place on our hearts that only God can fill, but it isn’t a hole or an empty place…it is a throne!

We have all been created with a throne in our hearts, a king-sized throne, royal and majestic. This throne was designed for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Unfortunately most of us try to sit there themselves. We try to direct our own lives, to be in control, but we aren’t able to bear the weight of the responsibility. It’s simply to much for us. We aren’t equipped to rule our hearts alone. This throne is for a Holy, Righteous Judge. It’s to be used with divine Wisdom and Discernment. The one who sit’s on this throne needs to be able to clearly see the future and rightly discern the past.

But sit we do. We mess up our lives. Sometimes we step down and ask Jesus to rule in our hearts, (we have to step down, He will never take the throne by force), and sometimes we weasel in and try to take over again. But the throne is only built for one. It is not a “two-seeter.” That is like those “driving lessons” from Dad when we could barely see over the steering wheel, even sitting on his lap. If dad allows his little one to truly steer they weave and bob all over the road, straying from the straight and narrow path. Sometimes dad will hold on with a few fingers to maintain control, but the little one pretends he is doing it all himself. We think that picture is cute. But in the spirit it is anything but cute. When we pretend we are driving and accomplishing things in our own strength, when God is the one working things out for us, we are bound by pride. And pride comes before a fall. We cannot take the Glory meant for God.

Another natural analogy is when we see baby sitting in Daddy’s chair. We think that is so cute as well, and it is, baby is trying to be like Daddy. But we would never expect that baby to take over Daddy’s job, pay the bills, run the household, would we. The throne is so much more than a place to sit. Stepping down from the throne shows maturity, trying to do it ourselves shows immaturity. When things aren’t going the way we had planned, or they aren’t happening when we want them to, we tend to throw a toddler tantrum and demand the throne back (“if you aren’t going to do something, God, then I will”). But it is time to grow up. Examine your heart. Do you put Jesus there when you need a healing, then jump back on when it comes to your finances? Do you pick and choose when you allow Him to rule? The apostle Paul says, “When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things.” (I Cor. 13:11). Do a check up, if He’s not on the throne-repent. He’s quick to forgive. He won’t hold it against you.

Let’s get practical. Giving God the throne of your heart DOES NOT mean never doing anything on our own. We do not need to ask God what color shoes to wear, what to eat for dinner, or how to style our hair. Use the wisdom God gave you for those things. Don’t let Satan deceive you as he did Adam and Eve into thinking God wants to control every little part of your life. He want to be part of your everyday life, but not control it. He is not an evil dictator. He is a wise, loving Father who happens to truly know what is best for you. You give Him control by listening to His voice. Let yourself be led by His Spirit. When He tells you to do something, do it. If He asks you to stop doing something, stop. In example: He tells us to give Him, His 10%, that it is to be given to the storehouse, the place where you are fed (your local church). So do we need to ask Him if we should be tithing? No, He already told us to do it.

Big life changing decisions should be brought before the Lord in prayer. Be patient to hear His answer. He always answers, sometimes yes, sometimes no and sometimes wait. He’ll direct you in a personal way if we need Him to. Some good examples of these things are the choice of a spouse, a church, a job change or how to use our finances. We should be asking Him about our offerings. How much does He want us to give and to where. Why wouldn’t we want to hear from the One who planned it all our perfectly? Anything short of His perfect will is a hard row to hoe. We have enough trouble living in this fallen world as it is. Why compound them?

Forgive me for trying to do it all myself. Please come into my heart and rule and reign there. Lead me and guide me on Your path of righteousness. I want your perfect will to be done in my life. Holy Spirit show me any areas that I have not surrendered. Help me to give them over to the King.

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  1. Mel Wild says:

    Great reminder and practical insights, Jodi. On the big decisions, someone once said, “Every new thing God initiates starts with waiting.”

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