Thank You For Your Grace


Dear Father God,
I thank You that You have given us mercy and grace. That you are extravagant with both. You always give us so much more than we can ask or think, and most definitely more than we could ever deserve. No matter what we do, how we fail, You are slow to anger and quick to forgive! I thank You for the shed blood of Jesus. That no more do we need to shed the blood of cattle and sheep. That Jesus’ shed blood cleansed us of all sin. I am so grateful that the life and blood of Jesus fulfilled all the law. I no longer have to follow a lengthy list of “do’s and don’ts.” I am no longer bound to the law, but set free by Your grace. Thank You, Father, that I can now come boldly into Your presence. It is so wonderful, Lord, to know You in a personal way, to be in fellowship with you. Thank You, Father, that you speak to me, as I speak to my own child. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Help me to be more like you.

Book Review for “Unforgiving Ghosts” by Candi Ann Little

I liked this book. Good Christian romance. A woman going through the hardest time in her life bolts and runs, only to find out that she needed to face her issues head on. It was a little slow for me and I had some trouble connecting to the characters. Over all a good read. I give this book 3 stars. I wouldn’t recommend for under 16 due to some sexual references.