Book Review for “Rogue Genesis”-Sci Fi

I was given this book for an honest review by the author, Ceri London. First I just need to mention to all of my Christian friends that, though I am a creationist Christian, I read this book, as it was intended as a work of FICTION. So if it bothers you to even hear the word evolution, don’t bother, having said that, I just loved this book. It is a long read, but worth every minute. This is not a book you can ‘skim’ through; every word is part of the story. I loved the characters, especially the Hero, military guy with a heart. There are more twists and turns in this book than a mountain logging road. This book can be read as a ‘stand alone’ story; I appreciate that, but will be continued. I for one will be sticking with this author and this storyline. I recommend this for teens and up (there is very little swearing and no sexual content). I give this book 5+ stars.