Our Beautiful Country

Just got back from another trip across the US. We live in Wisconsin and all of our siblings and our parents live in Washington State. So we have made the trip quite often. We try to go a different way every time, but basically, other than taking all the back roads, there are three ways. We are always on limited time so we hurry. Several times we drove straight through without sleep, taking turns behind the wheel (my husband doing 90%). This year we had two days, so still in a hurry, and though I tend to sleep a lot in the car, it struck me once again, how beautiful and diverse our country is. We saw green fields, sunflowers, mountains ( of various shapes and sizes), rivers, creeks, sagebrush, cattle, antelope, deer, eagles, evergreens. The scenery changed almost by the hour. I feel blessed to see part of what God has gifted us with here in America. We found ourselves planning our motorhome retirement more than ever.