Book Review for “Taliesin” (The Pendragon Cycle #1)- Fiction


I haven’t read a Stephen Lawhead that I didn’t like and this one is no exception. “Taliesin” is the prologue to the tales of Merlin and Arthur. At a time when the old gods are dying, a new God is showing Himself. Atlantis is gone, peace has fled and people are fleeing the darkness. This is only book one of a series and I put off reading it because once you start one of Lawhead’s series, you can’t just stop. Now off to the library to get the rest of the bunch. This is not a light read, nor I it a short one. If you start, know you are in for the long haul, but it is worth every bit. No swearing and the only sexual content is “behind closed doors”. I still wouldn’t recommend for young readers as it is heavy reading. Best suited for teens and up. I give it 5 stars. I loved it!

Book Review for “Journey into the Deep”- Christian Fiction


Guy Stanton III has begun a new series “Water Wars” with “Journey into the Deep.” I have to say there are still some grammar and editing issues with Guy’s writing, but again I must also say the writing is good. The story line is interesting and from an unapologetic Christian view. Guy’s characters are flawed and his writing never comes across as preachy. Good for men and women as it includes action, fighting, and romance. In this story a treasure hunter with a death wish finds more than he wants to in a strange artifact. I give it 4 stars. Didn’t love this one, but I liked it and it was a good read. I am sure I will read the rest of the series as I have read all of the other two series. Just a warning, if you like your Christian fiction without talk of passion, killing, and or imperfect people, these books aren’t for you. However, if you like it to be real…