Reviews Needed for Middle Grade Read

I am offering free mobi (kindle), Pdf (word document), or ebook (nook) versions of my latest book in exchange for honest reviews on goodreads and Amazon. Just message me if you are interested.

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Tinker has rescued the people from their slavery to Mr. Topper and restored Beulah, but all is not well in Tinker Town. Who is the mysterious stranger, who is leaving notes under Mrs. O’Malley’s door, and who is the traitor?

Can Jayde and her friends solve the mystery and what will happen to the traitor?

If you haven’t read book one, I can make the same offer.

Mr Topper Sml

Mr. Topper’s Fabulous Funtown

Funtown is a place of every child’s dreams and Mr. Topper’s world of merry-go-rounds and magic is the place they want to go. But all that glitters is not gold and Funtown is not what it seems. Who is Tinker and what can he do to help? Jayde and her friends must find Tinker and the truth about Mr. Topper to free Funtown.


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