First Publication-Savage Love

I always wanted to write. As a small child, my imagination ran wild. I’d rather read than eat, write than play sports, and if you ever played with me, there were large storylines, costumes and lines to recite! Life though, tends to run away with us and I just recently finished my first book and chose to self publish with Createspace. I am proud of my first work, and am at a place in my life where there is time to dream, create and put it all on paper.

Savage Love:
Daffyd thought that he had it all, fame and fortune, good looks, and the life he had always dreamed of. Now, at thirty the only thing remaining is the money. He has lost his family, his health, his good looks and his faith in God. Living as a recluse in the Mountains of Montana he has given up on life.
Samantha is thirty-five and recently widowed. Spending the last fifteen years in a marriage of convenience, to a man almost twenty years her senior, she now doesn’t even know who she is. It seems that her life had been on auto pilot, and though she dreams of another life, she can’t seem to find the way. Samantha has two things that keep her going, her daughter and her faith.
Savage Love is a story of love, hope and new beginnings. When two lives come together, seemingly by chance, both are transformed.

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