Deeper Still

My second devotional is now available in my store, on amazon and on smashwords.


Angela’s review:
“Deeper Still -was quite a unique Christian devotion it was very informative and yet very interesting and not a heavy intellectual devotional either! So, I would give her ebook five stars! I feel like I had even learned and benefitted from it even though I had know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior since the evening on Sept. 16th of the year 1971. And I had been able to be in places where I would learn and grow spiritually, too!
I recommend this book for new born again Christians and for any who feel the could use a refresher course of basic Christian teachings. I received this ebook free in exchange for a free ebook to read and do reviews on as well as to learn more about God’s Word, We can never learn too much, right from God’s Word, especially while on planet earth with all the evil going on about us, right? Great work Jodi! By Angela”

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