Book Review for “A Warrior’s Redemption”- Christian Fiction

I really liked “A Warrior’s Redemption.” I was given a copy by the author, Guy Stanton III, in exchange for an honest review. It is unapologetically Christian. However the beliefs and the scriptures are all part of the story and does not come across as cheesy or trite. Several places inspired me to be more open and bold about my own faith! The story about an alternate society on another planet, founded by earthlings that fled before the flood. They have forsworn modern technology and live as in medieval times. The story contains fighting and battles of an epic scale. There is espionage, love, family, loyalty and lots of evil characters. Not a “chick” book. Can not recommend for readers younger than high school due to mature content. This is the first in the series, and I am definitely reading the rest.

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  1. Sounds like a great book for my newphew. I will let my sister know about the series. I like some of the other series you reviewed this week too including the Dystopia tale. I am glad to meet you on Goodreads. рџ™‚ I have a new Monday book hop that I hope you can join. You can link up as many posts each week as you want. Thanks.

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