Beauty’s Curse Coming Soon!

Just sent Beauty’s Curse to be reviewed at Createspace. There is always such an excitement when I know it is almost in print! I loved this story and hated for it to come to an end. It ended up being a rather short book, but at least that means I can retail it for less. I am blessed to be able to do something I love. I put in years of working for others, some jobs I loved and some that weren’t so wonderful, I only had one I hated. (That was doing something I loved for a very greedy person who just wasn’t cut out to own their own business). Very Thankful for the opportunity to write and to share my stories with others. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to read my work!

2 thoughts on “Beauty’s Curse Coming Soon!

  1. I admire writers. I find that is a hard profession. Good luck with writing and having others read your work. Beauty’s Curse is a great title, makes one want to know more.

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