Book Review for “The Hollowmen” -Dystopian

“The Hollowmen” Book 2 in the Hollows Series continues on with Remy, the strong female character. These are your typical zombie apocalypse dystopian books, and the first one didn’t have a lot of the zombie stuff in it. This one did. I am still enjoying the storyline, but this one had way more gore, swearing and added some sexual contents, including an almost rape. So for me, that was a little much. I wouldn’t recommend for readers under the age of 17. Its action packed, easy reading, not too deep and there is a small element of romance. I am giving this second book three stars. If you love all things zombie, this one’s for you.

Book Review for “Tent City”_YA Dystopian
I was given a copy of “Tent City” by the author, Kelly Van Hull, in exchange for an honest review. This is a book intended for young audiences and I think it does a great job for that age group. As a Christian I am always a little disappointed when the bad people are crazy religious fanatics, but I know it could happen. There isn’t a lot of mention of religion, it is just the background story of the General/pastor who has taken over the country. It is a good story about survival and friendships, with a love triangle thrown in. I think that this theme is becoming the overrunning love story of YA books, but it is done well. The main character is a teenage girl who can’t wait to get out on her own, only to figure out that home was great. I give this book 4 stars for it’s intended audience but I think that it might not appeal to all adults. I enjoyed it and hope there is more to come.

Book Review for “Darkness Falls” Sci Fi-Dystopian

I was given a copy of “Darkness Falls” by the author, Mathieu Gallant in exchange for an honest review. Darkness Falls is a good mix of Sci Fi and Dystopian. The story is told in the first person as a remembrance of a space traveler on his way back to earth. This is the first book in a series and book number one does not fully explain the whole story, leading us on to the second book. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending. It seemed to just stop. I think I’d rather have the cliff hanger or at least some kind of semi big ending, so you could leave it as a standalone if you so chose. Easy reading, fun main character (who is less than perfect) a good read. If you can’t abide swearing, be forewarned that there are a few chapters where it gets pretty heavy (really seedy people), but for the most part very little. I wouldn’t recommend this to teens under 16. I give this story four stars.