Book Review for “When Godly People Do Unglodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction”- Christian Non-fiction


I think this book has been one of the most important books I have read to date. I strongly encourage every Christian to read “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction”. Not only would this be so helpful for someone who has fallen into sin, more importantly it will help prevent a fall to begin with. Beth Moore is a great teacher, she is kind and simple in her writing style. I am going to recommend this book to all of the ladies at our bible study and to all of my followers. I give it five stars only because I can’t give it more. Appropriate for teens and up.

Book Review for “Elderberry Croft- Volume 4”- Christian Fiction


I have so thoroughly enjoyed this series. It has everything. Humor, heartache, quirky characters, and forgiveness. This last book in the “Elderberry Croft” series finally tells us the whole story of Willow Goodhope’s past. A great book about redemption and restoration. I can recommend this book for Jr. High and up, though it will probably appeal most to adult. Most of the characters are senior citizens and the main character in her 30’s. I will definitely be reading more from Becky Doughty. Good job! I give it 5 stars!